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She is washing dishes in her sink using cleaner water.

Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions for a Brighter Future

At Clean H20 Pro's, we believe that every drop counts when it comes to your well-being. Discover the multitude of advantages that water quality improvements can bring to your life, from enhanced health to savings on water bills and more.

Innovative Water Technology

Welcome to Clean H2O Pros, where innovative water technology meets peace of mind for your household. Our range of world-class water softening solutions is designed to keep your home safe from contamination while also helping you save money on your water bills.With highly advanced technology and eco-friendly features, our systems are perfectly suited to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Watch your home’s water, receive salt reminders, and system notifications right to your mobile phone with our advanced WiFi technology.

Water Efficient Technology is a series of five money saving features to create the most efficient softeners on the market.

Proportional Brining Icon
Proportional Regeneration Icon
Alternate Regeneration Icon
Salt Monitor Icon
Saving History Screen Icon

Saves Salt

Saves Water

Maintenance Performance

Low Salt Alerts

Calculates Savings

Total Gallons Saved Icon
Capacity Remaining Unit Regeneration Icon
Gallons Remaining Until Service Required Icon
Day Remaining Until Service Required Icon

Once you've installed one of our advanced water treatment systems, you have the option to add a revolutionary feature that will effectively bring your water to life - allowing you to access your water habits conveniently online or by phone app, which is available on Apple Store or Google Play.

A young boy feeding his family pet clean drinking water from a bowl

As an authorized Hague dealer, we are dedicated to resolving all your well water and city water concerns with precision and expertise. Located in the heart of Chandler, AZ, Clean H20 Pros offers a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

At Clean H20 Pros, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality water treatment solutions backed by Hague Quality Water International®'s longstanding reputation for innovation and excellence. As authorized Hague water treatment contractors, we offer exclusive, tested water softener and treatment products, ensuring your peace of mind with every installation.

A female enjoying a skin care routine with cleaner water

Protect Your Home Water: Invest in Innovative Water Technology Today!

Water softeners and filtration you can trust

CareSoft Series® Softeners.

Water Softener

Total Care Conditioner Series

Water Conditioner

Whole House Filtration Systems

Whole Home Filtration

Drinking Water System

Drinking Water Systems

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