Chlorine Generator

Clean H2O®'s chlorine generator conveniently creates chlorine directly from the salt in a conditioner's or softener's brine solution.
Using a similar set up to our patented chlorine generator, the salt monitor uses metal probes to create short bursts of electricity as the salt water solution is flowing from your brine tank and into the water softener. The technology measures the conductivity of the electric current from one probe to the other. Pure water cannot conduct electricity on its own, therefore higher levels of conductivity is truly a measurement of the dissolved salts in the water.

During the brine draw cycle, a pair of probes is turned on causing an electric current. This electricity separates the chlorides from the salt (NaCl) into sodium (Na) and free chlorine (Cl).


Chlorine Generators come standard on the following models:


TotalCare Conditioners


CareSoft Elite


CareSoft Elite RC


CareSoft Elite Twin

The amount of chlorine the device produces can be adjusted to fit the needs of the system. This is easily accomplished by increasing or reducing power (amperage) to the electric probes. More power generates more chlorine and less power generates a smaller amount.

This free chlorine passes into the media tank to keep the inside clean with every regeneration. After destroying contaminants, the chlorine then dissolves for a cleaning process without residual chemicals.