CareSoft Elite RC® – The City Water Solution

One Unit Providing Double The Efficiency

Why purchase two water softening systems when CareSoft Elite RC® offers double the efficiency? Its split tank technology combines high-performance media with activated carbon all in one tank. This environmentally friendly system is the ideal solution, effectively protecting household plumbing, providing great tasting water, and eliminating city water odor.

The Elite RC® system delivers the clear, soft, odor-free water you want and deserve. To learn more about this system, contact your local dealer today!

How The CareSoft Elite RC® System Works

Municipalities are responsible for making sure your water is safe, doing so by adding disinfectants like chlorine. Once the water reaches your home, these disinfectants are no longer needed. Also, it is important to be aware of the elements cities don't remove, like calcium and magnesium, which produce hard water and mineral buildup.

One Unit, Double The Clean

Choose a system that does more, a system that assures safe, clean water for your family, a system that filters out odors and contaminants. Choose the CareSoft Elite RC® system!


About The CareSoft Elite RC®:


Includes a dual-chamber tank that performs two treatments at once.


Uses activated carbon to reduce foul smells and odors


Includes a high-capacity resin that reduces hardness


Manufactured with an exclusive chlorine generator that automatically cleans the system


Learns your water habits and adjusts accordingly


Designed with a low-maintenance brine tank that is designed to streamline salt


For low-maintenance, automatic cleaning cycles.


Creates maximum efficiency, helping you save money on salt and water.


Wripli® - Optional

Connects to your system for wireless stats and notifications.


This Unit Is Also Available As: