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Water Conditioners

Living in a home that draws water from a well may lead to hardness, manganese, iron, and even unbalanced pH levels. Traditionally, if you were experiencing these issues you would purchase three different systems to remedy them. Clean H2O Pro's has the perfect answer.

The TotalCare® equipment line is unlike any other water conditioner. Using Crystal-Right™, a media exclusive to WaterCare®  product line, TotalCare® conditioners can resolve hard water minerals, iron, manganese, and acidity. With the tank's patented, Chlorine Generator, which provides automatic cleaning cycles, your worry-free conditioning process is complete!

Solve Multiple Water Problems With A Single System



A water conditioner is known for removing chemicals and substances that are disguised in tap water. A water softener is ideal for removing water hardness particles. 

Depending on your water conditions, you might need a water treatment system that can do both -- soften the water and remove contaminants. 

TotalCare® — One Unit For Total Care

Arizona's water treatment exclusive at Clean H2O Pro's

The TotalCare® water conditioner has uniquely engineered media called Crystal-Right™. The Crystal-Right™ media is exclusive to the Water-Right family of brands, and offers an effective media for attacking water hardness and hazardous contaminant water issues.  Crystal-Right™ is a man-made zeolite created by the Mineral-Right Company produced under the sunny skies in Kansas.


Today, Mineral-Right is the only manufacturer of synthetic zeolite for water treatment in the world.