There are only a few truly unique substances on the planet and our exclusive Crystal-Right™ media is one of them. Custom-engineered by Mineral-Right in Phillipsburg, Kansas, these crystals are a multi-functioning media designed for treating problem water. Found exclusively in our TotalCare conditioners, there is no other water treatment like it on the planet.

By definition, Crystal-Right™ is a manmade zeolite. Naturally occurring zeolites have been used for water treatment for many years, but they are notoriously dirty and inefficient. With science and innovation, Crystal-Right™ is manufactured for clean, efficient water treatment.

Crystal-Right™ media can eliminate problem minerals efficiently, including iron and manganese. They also have a high tolerance for chlorine, which is used to keep your system clean while softening your water. This state-of-the-art filter is engineered as two different systems, providing perfect performance for your home!


TC1 Models:


Equipped with CR-100 media


Reduces hardness, iron, manganese


Raises low pH

TC2 Models:


Equipped with CR-200 media


Reduces high amounts of hardness, iron, and manganese

The Crystal Formation Process