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Central Phoenix residents complain about brown, bleach-smelling water

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- From tequila-colored water to a strong smell of bleach. That's what homeowners in Central Phoenix say they've been dealing with for the past ten days when they go to turn on their faucets.

"We can't use it for cooking, we can't use it to brush our teeth, we can't use it for laundry. It's been staining people's clothes," said Malory Knutson.

Pictures are flooding social media from people living in Central Phoenix complaining about their water, said Knutson.

"I have been talking with one of my neighbors, and he described it as a tequila color. It looked like tequila," said Knutson. Knutson, who lives near the intersection of 12th street and Bethany Home Road, says she first noticed the change around mid-January.

"It was a yellow, dark yellow, now it's blue," said Knutson.

Overnight she said, her neighborhood app exploded with similar stories. One person describing their water as looking like "lemonade," another person said it resembled "dirty recycled toilet water."

"That's certainly why we are super concerned here in my house. My partner is immunocompromised; he has a double lung transplant," said Knutson. With her partner's health on the line, Knutson reached out to the City of Phoenix Water Service for answers.

"There's new construction that went in right in that area surrounding that corridor that could be causing the issue," said City of Phoenix spokesperson Athena Sanchez. Sanchez said the cause is still being investigated, but the water is safe to drink.

"We are not denying that at all it's unsettling. Our lab techs have gone through it and checked for everything that could possibly be an issue," said Sanchez.

And today, just when she thought her water couldn't become less appealing, Knutson said it now smells like bleach.

"Aqua blue color with a bleach smell to it, it's not something I'm comfortable drinking either," said Knutson.

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