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While knowing that staying hydrated is important in staying sharp throughout the day, making sure that you are actually consuming enough is another story. Any safe and fresh water will do when counting towards your daily goal, but not all water is created equal! Many people do not enjoy the taste of their water so do not drink the amount their body needs. Having access to the highest quality water makes staying hydrated a lot easier. Drinking straight from the tap can work for some people, but for people whose water is cloudy, discolored, or even smelly from excessive water hardness, chlorine, or iron, a glass from the tap may not be an option.

Sticking with your favorite bottled water brand might ensure that you’re getting the taste-free experience you want, but the price, plastic waste, and not knowing where the water is actually sourced from is causing more and more people to abandon bottles altogether.

For the best drinking water experience there is, you need to rely on an expert opinion. A WaterCare professional can diagnose your home’s water and prescribe equipment to tackle any problems getting between you and crystal-clear drinking water. With a reverse osmosis system, which sits below your sink or in a discrete location, you can have the best quality drinking water there is, making it easy to hit that daily intake goal.

If you’re ready to step up your drinking water game and see the benefits of hydration on your mood and maybe even your next exam, schedule a water test today!

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