Updated: Mar 11

Just how Arizona real estate property is sold in various "as-is conditions", water issues are similar. Each water sample offers its own unique diagnostic readings. Based on the water test results for your home, Clean H2O Pro's can build a treatment system that is perfect for your specific water needs. Sometimes the perfect solution for great water is a Do-It-Yourself product and other times it is more complex. Factors such as high contaminant levels, presence of multiple contaminants, high water usage, or difficult plumbing and installation environments can turn an easy project into a job for an expert.

The most common types of water issues in homes vary based on where you live, but you can often find: hard water, iron staining, chlorine, pH issues, hydrogen sulfide + other harmful contaminants. Hard water occurs when there are a high level of minerals in the water that it dissolved while moving through the bedrock. Hard water issues will raise the cost for use of your water heater, clog the pipes and plumbing within your property and also, reduce the lifespan of your appliances. Professional water testing is the first step to working with a professional and ensuring your family receives clean water.

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