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Ocean View Room

ONE™ Contaminant Reduction System - The Peace Of Mind You Deserve.

With increasing concerns about water contamination making headlines, it's understandable if you're worried about the safety of your own water supply. Dangerous contaminants such as lead and PFOA/PFOS chemicals have been found in water sources globally, leaving many people searching for ways to purify their water before it reaches their home. Clean H2O Pro's has the perfect solution to put your mind at ease. Our smart and advanced water treatment systems are designed to remove these contaminants and provide you and your family with clean, safe, and pure water. We hope you trust Clean H2O Pro's to protect your home and family from harmful water contaminants.

Certified To Remove Lead, Cysts, And PFOA/ PFOS Chemicals.

The ONE™ Filter cartridge is a top-notch solution for reducing lead, cysts and PFOA/PFOS chemicals in your water. When paired with one of our Arizona-exclusive softener series, the effectiveness of the ONE filter is doubled, providing you with an even higher level of water purification and safety. This combination ensures that your water is free of harmful contaminants and provides you and your family with the clean and pure water they need.

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