Water is an essential part of your life. Better water means a more efficient home. Experience the difference in clean water with exclusive Crystal-RightTM media and water treatment solutions.  Effective solutions and filtering with advanced media as a American made manufacturing brand and Arizona partner. The proprietary Crystal-RightTM medias are efficient at eliminating problem minerals, such as iron and manganese. It also has a high tolerance for the chlorine used to keep all treatment solutions clean while softening the water. These durable, innovative crystals are engineered to build a system that is perfectly designed for Arizona's residence and the everyday hard water issues.


Everyday essentials being with great water.

The Benefits of Soft Water 

  • Less mineral build-up in plumbing

  • Increased life and efficiency of water-using appliances

  • Smoother and more moisturized skin and hair

  • Softer, brighter, and longer lasting towels and clothing

  • Less detergents and cleaners needed

  • Reduced soap scum in showers

  • Cleaner dishes and glassware

Kitchen Sink

Expect excellent drinking water, right at the tap.

Water treatment innovations inspired by your lifestyle.  The most important water in your home is the kind your family consumes. Whether its a tall glass of water or boiling dinner, you deserve to have clean water free from impurities. Enjoy this luxury with our reverse osmosis drinking water system.

  • Pre & post-Filter

  • Larger capacity holding tank

  • Semi-permeable membrane

  • Final carbon filter


Handles virtually any whole house application and water diagnosis.

System Features 

• Certified contaminant reduction cartridge available

to reduce lead, PFOA/PFOS, and cysts

• Primary whole house filtration

• Polishing filter

• Taste and odor reduction

• Particulate filtration

• Greatly extends the life between cartridge changes

• Reduced pressure drop and high flow rate


• Easy, replaceable cartridge design