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Home grown plant watering

Innovative Water Technology for Eco-Friendly Living

At Clean H2O Pros, we are committed to providing eco-friendly water treatment solutions that promote a sustainable future. Our innovative water technology ensures that your home not only enjoys the highest quality water but also contributes to environmental conservation. Discover the benefits of our sustainable water treatment systems and join us in making a positive impact on the planet.

Discover the Benefits of Clean Water

Protect Appliance from Hard Water

Warranty Protection

Saving Money on Your Water Bills

Cost Efficient

Healthier water, Happier Home

Happier Household

Drinking Cleaner Water Means a Healthier Lifestyle

Healthier Lifestyle

Smart Water Solutions for Modern Living

Your family depends on clear, clean, quality water every day. WaterCare® products ensure safe and pure water for laundry, dishes, bathing, cleaning, cooking, drinking, and daily life!

Our CareSoft Series® is flexible, providing a variety of water softening solutions perfectly suited for your needs. With highly advanced technology and eco-friendly features, you will have peace of mind knowing that you're bringing the best system into your home.

WC Softener Chart. Providing a variety of water softening solutions perfectly suited for your needs.
Veteran Family

we offer veterans and first responders discounts!

At Clean H2O Pro's, a veteran-owned and operated company, we are honored to give back to those who protect our communities and nation. Our exclusive discount program for veterans and first responders offers significant savings on our innovative, eco-friendly water treatment solutions. Join us in safeguarding a sustainable future with our advanced water technology. Experience the dedication and commitment of Clean H2O Pro's, where we protect what matters most—your health and our environment.

Stay Connected and Stay Informed with Wi-Fi Enabled Water Softeners

Utilizing dual-chamber technology, our CareSoft Elite RC unit combines the power of two medias in one tank. The high-performance resin media and activated carbon 
configuration filter and soften your water in a single unit. These dual-chamber systems have many benefits: 

• Prevents scale build-up in pipes, appliances, and fixtures 
• Improves taste and smell of your water 
• Protects skin and hair from drying out 
• Environmentally-friendly design 
• Keeps laundry bright and soft 
• Saves energy output from your water heater 
• Comes with self-cleaning chlorine generator 

Utilizing dual-chamber technology, our CareSoft Elite RC unit combines the power of two medias in one tank

1. Exclusive Technology

  • Deep cleaning regeneration only when necessary

  • Exclusive features insures consistent water quality

  • Vacation Mode to prevent unnecessary regenerations

  • Only one internal moving part for easy maintenance

  • Battery back-up

2. Patented Chlorine Generator

  • Patented Chlorine Generator

  • Ability to self-clean unit

  • Monitors every cleaning

3. High - Performance Resin

  • Powerful and durable media

  • Reduces the minerals that cause 

  • hard water

  • Undergoes rigorous quality 

  • control testing

4. Activated Carbon

• Filters unwanted tastes and odor
• Reduces chlorine from municipal water

Smart Water Solution for Modern Living

5. Low - Maintenance Brine Tank

• Built-in safety float 
• Heavy duty, corrosion-free material

• Fills with soft water which reduces cleaning
• Dry salt storage

Water Efficient Technology is a series of five money saving features to create the most efficient softeners on the market.


Product Details

The 1054 resin is a premium-grade ion exchange resin designed for water softening applications. Here's a concise overview:

  • Resin Type: High-quality polystyrene beads chemically treated for superior calcium and magnesium ion removal.

  • Capacity: High ion exchange capacity ensures efficient softening and extended resin bed life.

  • Regeneration: Compatible with standard brine regeneration processes for easy maintenance.

  • Application: Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial water softening systems.

  • Durability: Resilient beads withstand water treatment operations for extended service life.

  • Certifications: May be certified to meet industry standards for performance and safety.

The 1054 resin ensures reliable, efficient water softening performance in various settings.

Wi-Fi Enabled Water Softner
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