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Water Softener Series

Expect Quality and Convenience with Clean H2O Pro's. Our products ensure your family has safe, pure water for all daily needs like laundry, dishes, bathing, cleaning, cooking, and drinking. A.O. Smith Specialized Solutions and WaterCare water treatment innovations inspired by your lifestyle. Our advanced, eco-friendly equipment gives you peace of mind, making water treatment a responsible choice for your home.

With Clean H2O Pro's, your family enjoys clean, clear, and quality water every day.

Water Treatment


Water Specific Design

Due to the flexibility of the WaterCare and A.O. Smith Specialized water treatment systems, we can tailor your water system to best satisfy your family's needs. That's how we make water good for life. 

A.O. Smith Expert Series
Water Softener

Creating great water with the most advanced technology!​

When equipping this system with our Water Efficient Technology™, you maximize your savings on salt and water, while also making it one of the most efficient systems on the market!

The expert series can be purchased as a standard resin softener, a split-tank resin/carbon softener for double the efficiency, and as twin units for treated water 24-hours a day.​

High Performance Resin
Exclusive Technology
Patented Chlorine Generator

Quartz Underbedding
Low Maintenance Brine Tank

Features  high-performance resin media to remove water hardness effectively and efficiently. 

Efficiency is in the details.

948 Water Softener

1054 Water Softener

1035 Cabinet Water Softener

1354 Water Softener

1054 Twin Water Softener

ONE Filter Add on

Elite Single Tank.jpeg
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