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Lowe's Water Treatment Program

A new level of intelligence in Lowe's retail home water treatment. 

Hardness minerals, like calcium, that cause scale buildup throughout your Arizona home doesn't stand a chance with our A.O. Smith Specialized Water Solutions. They utilize innovative technology and quality, high-capacity resin to keep your plumbing and appliances operating at peak performance.

Providing the most efficient water treatment system on the market today! Ask about our salt monitor alert system!

Today's modern homes rely on soft water to continue running efficiently. Especially with Arizona's hard water conditions.


Protect your  home investment  with  water treatment. 

All our equipment is designed to be environmentally-friendly while safeguarding your household plumbing, appliances, skin, hair, and laundry.  Schedule your water test today!

Clean water Arizona
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Get to Know Us

Talk with a Local Water Expert.


Water Test

To give you the most accurate guidance, we usually start with a water assessment at your property. During our estimate consultation, our water technician will conduct a comprehensive water test and provide you with insights into the treatment options that best suit your needs.

Water Contaminants


Water Treatment


Installation, Warranty Service + Maintenance

We evaluate your water, usage, and ideal location. Offering a complete product line to fit your needs. Working with well trained water experts who will educate you further on the invisible water problems with your options for treatment. 

Our experienced community water specialists have been dedicated to serving the area for many years, encountering a wide range of situations. They will assess the composition of your water, evaluate the installation site, and gather insights into your usual water consumption patterns.


With this valuable information in hand, they will provide tailored product recommendations that precisely match your requirements, ensuring a precise solution without any uncertainties or unexpected outcome. 

Offering a white glove experience with Lowe's water treatment services.

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