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Unleash the Power of Pure Water with Clean H2O Pro's

Transforming Water, Transforming lives



A water conditioner is known for removing chemicals and substances that are disguised in tap water. A water softener is ideal for removing water hardness particles. 

Depending on your water conditions, you might need a water treatment system that can do both -- soften the water and remove contaminants. 

One Unit For Well Water Supply +

Arizona's water treatment exclusive at Clean H2O Pro's

The TotalCare® water conditioner has uniquely engineered media called Crystal-Right™. The Crystal-Right™ media is exclusive to the Water-Right family of brands, and offers an effective media for attacking water hardness and hazardous contaminant water issues.  Crystal-Right™ is a man-made zeolite created by the Mineral-Right Company produced under the sunny skies in Kansas.

Clean Water Arizona

Total Care 1

Clean Water Arizona

TotalCare® 1 Water Conditioner: Comprehensive Water Wellness


Immerse yourself in a world of comprehensive water wellness with TotalCare® 1, a cutting-edge water conditioner meticulously crafted by Clean H2O Pro's. This innovative solution is designed to go beyond conventional water softening, offering a transformative experience that enhances the overall quality of your water.


Key Features:


1. Efficient Water Softening:

   TotalCare® 1 excels in efficiently softening water, providing a silky feel that transforms your entire water supply, making it gentler on your skin and hair.


2. Mineral Retention:

   Unlike traditional softeners, TotalCare® 1 ensures a balance by retaining essential minerals in your water, contributing to a healthier and more enjoyable hydration experience.


3. Compact Design, Powerful Performance:

   With a space-saving design, TotalCare® 1 doesn't compromise on power. Enjoy the benefits of high-performance water conditioning without sacrificing valuable space in your home.


4. User-Friendly Operation:

   TotalCare® 1 is designed for easy and intuitive operation, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users of all backgrounds.


Experience Total Water Wellness:


TotalCare® 1 is not just a water conditioner; it's a holistic approach to water wellness. Transform your water into a source of purity, balance, and comfort, enhancing your overall well-being.


Ready for a total water wellness experience? Choose TotalCare® 1 from Clean H2O Pro's. Transform your water, transform your life.

Total Care 2

Clean Water Arizona

TotalCare® 2 Water Conditioner: Advanced Conditioning Excellence


Introducing TotalCare® 2, an epitome of advanced water conditioning excellence brought to you by Clean H2O Pro's. Elevate your water quality to new heights with this innovative solution designed to provide comprehensive conditioning for your entire home.


Key Features:


1. Dual-Tank Efficiency:

   TotalCare® 2 boasts a dual-tank design that ensures continuous conditioning without interruption. Enjoy consistently conditioned water, no matter the demand.


2. Total Home Coverage:

   Experience total conditioning for your entire home. TotalCare® 2 addresses water hardness comprehensively, ensuring every faucet, shower, and appliance benefits from softened water.


3. Smart Technology Integration:

   Incorporating smart technology, TotalCare® 2 adapts to your water usage patterns, optimizing efficiency and providing a tailored solution for your home's conditioning needs.


4. Compact Footprint, Powerful Results:

   Despite its powerful performance, TotalCare® 2 maintains a compact footprint, allowing for space-efficient installation without compromising on conditioning efficiency.


Transformative Water Conditioning:


TotalCare® 2 is not just a water conditioner; it's a transformative solution that brings advanced technology and comprehensive conditioning to every corner of your home. Say goodbye to hard water woes and embrace a new era of water excellence.


Ready to redefine your water conditioning experience? Choose TotalCare® 2 from Clean H2O Pro's. Transform your water, transform your home.

Total Care Twin

Clean Water Arizona
Clean Water Arizona

TotalCare Twin Water Conditioner: Dual Power, Dual Purity


Introducing TotalCare Twin, where dual power meets dual purity, a revolutionary water conditioning solution by Clean H2O Pro's. Elevate your water experience with the combined strength of twin tanks, delivering uninterrupted softness and purity for your entire home.


Key Features:


1. Dynamic Dual-Tank System:

   TotalCare Twin features a dynamic dual-tank system, ensuring a continuous supply of conditioned water. Experience the power of twin tanks for consistent water quality.


2. Total Home Softening:

   Enjoy total home softening with TotalCare Twin. Every faucet, shower, and appliance benefits from the soothing touch of softened water, creating a harmonious water environment throughout your home.


3. Smart Adaptation Technology:

   Equipped with smart adaptation technology, TotalCare Twin adjusts its performance based on your water usage patterns, providing tailored conditioning for optimal efficiency.


4. Compact Tandem Elegance:

   Despite its twin-tank prowess, TotalCare Twin maintains a compact and elegant design, allowing for space-efficient installation without compromising on performance.


Experience the Harmony of Dual Conditioning:


TotalCare Twin goes beyond a typical water conditioner; it's a harmonious blend of power and purity. Transform your water experience with the twin advantage, redefining the essence of home water conditioning.


Ready for dual purity? Choose TotalCare Twin from Clean H2O Pro's. Transform your water, transform your home with the twin power of conditioned excellence.

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